Celebrity Interview: Roy Thinnes


WROM Radio wants to thank Roy for being on with out very own Ed Robertson, Roy had some great stories fro m the past.

Roy was born April 6, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois. During his formative years, Roy had a desire to become a doctor or football player – or, if one wants to believe his early press releases, both. He started in show business at a radio station, where he did everything: engineering, DJ shows, news and dramatizations. That led to an interest in acting in general. When he left the Army he went to New York and then to California, where he started working in episodes of TV shows. Having made his professional acting debut as a teen-aged firebug in a 1957 pilot for the never-sold TV series “Chicago 212”, Thinnes spent several lean years “between engagements,” working as a hotel clerk, vitamin salesman and copy boy to Chicago columnist Irv Kupcinet.

His first regular TV work was as Phil Brewer on the daytime soap opera “General Hospital” (1963); during this period, the young actor became the television equivalent of a matinée idol, sparking a barrage of protest mail when he briefly left GH in pursuit of other acting jobs. Aggressively campaigning for the starring role of Ben Quick on the 1965 weekly TV version of the 1958 film “The Long, Hot Summer” (1965), Thinnes won the part, as well as a whole new crop of adoring female fans. While “Summer” was unsuccessful, Thinnes enjoyed a longer run as David Vincent on the Fugitive-like sci-fi series “The Invaders” (1967).  The Invaders also spawned a comic book series in 1967, which ran for 1 year (4 issues) and is a hot collectible, often going for up to a hundred dollars each on the auction circuit.  The Invaders TV show property is currently owned by Paramount/CBS-TV and fans have avidly written them requesting a legal DVD release of the series’ 43 episodes.  The Invaders ran from Jan. 10, 1967 (as a mid-season replacement for two failed comedies) to March 26, 1968 on ABC-TV.

Success with the Invaders in 1967 led to marriage to first wife Lynn Loring, who acted with him in the show as well as in the movie Doppelgänger (1969) [aka Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun]; she is now a CBS film executive. They parted in 1984. Though he’d occasionally show up in such theatrical features as The Hindenburg (1975), Airport 1975 (1974) and Blue Bayou (1990) (TV), Thinnes has remained essentially a TV star. Among his post-Invaders TV-series roles was Dr. James Whitman on “The Psychiatrist” (1971), Capt (and later Major) Holms on “From Here to Eternity” (1980), Nick Hogan on “Falcon Crest” (1981) (who, in 1983, married Victoria Gioberti [Jamie Rose] in a highly-rated ceremony), and the dual role of Roger Collins and Reverend Trask in the 1991 prime-time revival of “Dark Shadows” (1991).

Roy’s more recent appearances on the “The X Files” (1993) put him back in the forefront.  He appeared in two episodes in the 1990s.  He revived his role as the enigmatic alien Jeremiah Smith, a turnabout role Chris Carter renewed for Roy in the February 25, 2001 episode (#8.14) of The X-Files, called “This Can’t Be Happening.”

Roy continues to appear in Television and theatrical films, most recently in Undone, Spectropia and Leadcatcher, as well as a guest starring role in “Conviction” (2006).  He has been a frequent guest star on the various incarnations of “Law & Order”.  Roy has a background in stage as well, appearing in many plays, both as an actor and director.  He is also known as an avid graphic artist, with gallery showings in Texas, California and other areas over the past few years.  He occasionally appears at science fiction conventions to talk about his favorite TV role, as star of “The Invaders” (1967), which remains a cult classic having celebrated it’s 40th anniversary in 2007.

Celebrity Interview: Lea Thompson


WROM Radio is proud to have one of our greatest and favorite supporters of WROM Radio on for a interview with our very own Savage Turner Express Rock show, Lea has had one of the greatest acting careers and i cant wait to have her back on with us again soon :)

Lea Katherine Thompson was born on May 31, 1961, in Rochester, Minnesota. She is the youngest of five children. Her parents are Barbara Anne (Barry) and Clifford Elwin “Cliff” Thompson. Since all her siblings were much older than she, Lea says it seemed like she had more than two parents. The family lived in the Starlight Motel, all the kids sharing a room. Things began to look up for the family when Lea’s father got a job in Minneapolis, where the family moved.

Lea’s parents divorced when she was six, and her mother decided to maintain the family. This wasn’t the easiest job, considering her mother was alcohol-addicted at the time. When she found the strength to quit drinking, she took a job playing the piano and singing in a bar to support Lea and her siblings. When Lea was seven, her mother remarried. Ever since Lea was little, she loved to dance — ballet to be exact. She would practice three to four hours every day. Her first role was as a mouse in “The Nutcracker”. After Lea turned fourteen, she had performed in more than 45 ballets on stages, such as The Minnesota Dance Theatre, The Pennsylvania Ballet Company, and The Ballet Repertory. She won scholarships to The American Ballet Theatre and The San Francisco Ballet. At age nineteen, she auditioned for Mikhail Baryshnikov, who later told her that she was “a beautiful dancer… but too stocky”. Lea knew her dreams had been crushed. At that point, she decided to turn to acting. She began working as a waitress, also making 22 Burger King commercials and a few Twix commercials. She was perfect for these parts simply because she was the average girl-down-the-street, from the Midwest. Everyone who knows her can’t believe she was and still is so completely different…trying to be independent and fight against the system. In 1982, Lea made some type of a computer game or interactive movie known as “Murder, Anyone”.

Her first role was in the movie, Jaws 3-D (1983), as a water ski bunny, although she couldn’t swim or ski, which she still can’t! There, she met Dennis Quaid, who became her fiancée and acting coach. Her next role was in All the Right Moves (1983), where she acted opposite Tom Cruise. Director Michael Chapman was so disappointed with her performance, that he almost fired her. Between 1983 and 1984, Lea appeared in other “teen” movies, such as Red Dawn (1984), The Wild Life (1984), and Going Undercover (aka Going Undercover (1985)), and believes it was lucky that, in these movies, they were able to use anyone who could walk and talk! Lea’s biggest known accomplishment, and her big break, came from the first Back to the Future (1985). It was the biggest hit of 1985, and Lea was suddenly the most wanted actress. She could have her pick of any role she wanted to take on. She chose Howard the Duck (1986). Although it was aGeorge Lucas production, the critics turned the movie, and Lea, down. Afterwards, director Howard Deutch offered Lea a part in his movie, Some Kind of Wonderful(1987), but she refused. After he urged her to do it, she reconsidered. She won the Young Artist Award for best young actress. During filming, Howard and Lea fell in love, and she called it off with Dennis. She then went on to film The Wizard of Loneliness(1988), which was her first movie as a woman, rather than a youngster. Lea went on to film Back to the Future Part II (1989) and an episode of Tales from the Crypt (1989). She then married Howard Deutch. She continued filming Back to the Future Part III(1990), Montana (1990), and Article 99 (1992). Lea then took a break to stay home with her first born, Madelyn Deutch.

She jumped back into acting in Dennis the Menace (1993), where she says she just played herself. Then it was on to The Beverly Hillbillies (1993), Stolen Babies (1993),The Little Rascals (1994), and The Substitute Wife (1994). In 1994, she had her second child, Zoey Deutch. Lea then went into filming The Unspoken Truth (1995). It was then that she was first given the script of a new NBC sitcom, Caroline in the City (1995). It was probably the best decision Lea ever made. She won a People’s Choice Award for best actress in a new sitcom. Unfortunately, with all of NBC’s problems, Caroline in the City (1995) kept being moved to a worse and worse time slot, giving it horrible ratings. The show ended after only four seasons. Bad ideas from the creators (Julia, etc.) didn’t help, either.

Lea quickly went onto The Right to Remain Silent (1996), The Unknown Cyclist (1998), and A Will of Their Own (1998). She also guest-starred in the Friends (1994) episode,Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995), as “Caroline Duffy”, and on The Larry Sanders Show (1992). Lea also did some stage work, including starring as “Sally Bowles” in “Cabaret”. The show toured and also appeared on Broadway. She then did “The Vagina Monologues” in L.A. She had a stint in a dramatic role as a Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney, “Camille Paris”, on For the People (2002).

Thompson has starred in more than 30 films, 25 television movies, 4 television series, more than 20 ballets, and starred on Broadway in “Cabaret”. Lea can currently be seen on ABC Family’s Peabody Award winning hit show “Switched at Birth,” where she acts and directs. Lea’s movie credits include: “All the Right Moves,” “Red Dawn,” “Some Kind of Wonderful,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “Howard The Duck”(star and vocals), Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar;” the 2014 Sundance favorite “Ping Pong Summer;” and soon to be released “Left Behind” starring Nicolas Cage.

Lea lives in Los Angeles with her husband of twenty-five years, film/television director Howard Deutch, and their two talented daughters, Madelyn and Zoey, along with many dogs, fish, horses, chickens, a cat, tortoise, and parrot. She supports and often performs for breast cancer, mental health, and Alzheimer’s charities. Lea is currently in pre-production on “The Year of Spectacular Men”, a film written by her daughter Madelyn Deutch, and is writing her first book of essays. Lea Thompson will partner with international Mirrorball Trophy holder Artem Chigvintsev on the 19th season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Celebrity Interview: Greg Grunberg


WROM Radio wants to thank Greg for being on with our very own Spud Goodman. Greg had some awesome roles in acting and will be a force in acting for many years to come, in my opinion. He is one of our biggest fans here at the station and we love him as well, we love to have him on at anytime.

American actor Greg Grunberg was born on July 11, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. He started his acting career as early as 1990, appearing in multiple guest roles on television. His screen debut saw him play a minor role in the television movie Stolen: One Husband. He had several guest appearances afterwards; these include roles in Melrose Place, Flying Blind, Baywatch, Ned and Stacey, Murphy Brown, Alright Already, Relativity and Mike Hammer, Private Eye. He made his film debut in 1993, playing a bit role in the sci-fi horror flick Future Shock. His other films during the time include Headless!, The Pallbearer, Dinner and Driving, Picture Perfect and BASEketball.

His first major television role came in 1998, when he played the role of business-minded Sean Blumber in the television series Felicity. This marked the first of his numerous collaborations with producer J.J. Abrams, who he is a close friend of; they knew each other since kindergarten. Grunberg starred in another Abrams project in 2002 in which he played CIA field agent Eric Weiss in the spy drama Alias. Abrams also cast him for a proposed series, The Catch, where he plays the lead role of a bounty hunter. The series was never picked up by networks, although a pilot was shot. His most recent collaboration with Abrams was in Lost, where he was given a small role as the pilot of the ill-fated Oceanic Flight 815.

Grunberg continued playing guest roles on television during the time, including stints in Diagnosis Murder, Pacific Blue, VIP, NYPD Blue, House and What About Brian. He also starred in films such as Hollow Man, The Ladykillers, Mission: Impossible III and Connie and Carla. In 2006, he earned another major television role, in the series Heroes. He played Matt Parkman, a police officer who can read minds and, later, manipulate them. In 2008, he signed on to portray characters in Magic, Fast Glass and Group Sex.

In 2010, Greg was cast as Judd on Love Bites. He is currently on Heroes Reborn and the new Star Wars films.

Celebrity Interview: Michael Dorn


WROM Radio wants to thank Michael for being on with our very own Patrick Phillips on Pop Culture Tonight. I have always been a huge fan of Star Trek the Next generation, love to have him back on sometime soon.

Born on December 9, 1952 in Luling, Texas, Michael Dorn is an actor best known for his role as the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise. The son of a Allie Lee and Fentress Dorn, Jr. Dorn grew up in Pasadena, California. He attended the Pasadena City College, where he studied radio and television production. He then pursued a career in music as a performing with several different rock music bands. Dorn made his television debut as a guest on the television show WEB in 1978. The producer was so impressed with his work that he introduced him to an agent who in turn introduced him to acting teacher Charles Conrad, under which he studied acting for a total of six months. This bore fruit pretty fast, as he immediately landed a regular role on the long-running series CHiPs. Meanwhile, he performed a little-known role in Rocky in 1976 as Apollo Creed’s bodyguard. Dorn’s most notable role, however, was that of Kingon Starfleet officer Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. According to him, he got the role by coming into his interview prepared. Like the stereotypical Klingon warrior, he did not smile or speak. He stood in a corner in a rigid posture and marched into the room while scowling, when he was called. After reading, he grumpily thanked the director and walked out. As for his character, Dorn has appeared in more Star Trek episodes and movies than anyone else.

He only missed three episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four on Deep Space Nine, plus five Star Trek movies. Colm Meaney is the only other cast who has made over 200 episodes. Dorn likewise appeared in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as Colonel Worf. Dorn’s other credits include The Santa Clause 2 and 3, Superman: The Animated Series, and voice roles in several animated series such as I Am Weasel, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Danny Phantom.

Celebrity Interview: Marina Sirtis


WROM Radio Detroit is honored to have Marina on with our very own Patrick Phillips on Pop Culture Tonight show. We all remember Star Trek the Next Generation every week. She has had a awesome and a amazing career, hope to have her back on again soon.

Born in London to Greek parents, Marina began her passion for acting at the Royal Shakespeare Company affiliated Guild Hall of Music and Drama School. The Worthington Repertory Theatre company’s production of Hamlet was Marina’s entre into the theatre world. She went on to appear with a variety of European companies such as Coventry Rep’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the role of Esmerelda and in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Magenta.

Once Marina distinguished herself in theatre, she began to expand her acting career into television. She appeared in several popular British television series such as Minder & Hazel and starred in the critically acclaimed made for British television film One Last Chance. Marina also appeared in feature films produced on both sides of the Atlantic including: The Wicked Lady with Faye Dunaway; Death Wish III opposite Charles Bronson; Blind Date with Bruce Willis and Richard Donner’s The Thief of Baghdad.

But it was Marina’s riveting portrayal of Deana Troi, the psychic counselor, for seven years on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as her co-starring role with Patrick Stewart in the feature films Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: First Contact and in the most recently released, Star Trek: Insurrection that has brought her legions of fans throughout the galaxy.

Ms. Sirtis made her American theatre debut in Hartford Stage’s production of Loot and then starred in the world premiere of Neil Simon’s Hotel Suite at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, both of which won her exceptional praise for her performances.

Her Official Website: http://http://www.marinasirtis.tv/

Celebrity Interview: Dawn Wells


WROM Radio was honored to have Dawn Wells on with our very own Patrick Phillips. Dawn is amazing, we can’t wait to have her back on again.

There is so much more to Dawn Wells than Mary Ann of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND (the longest running sitcom still showing worldwide in over 30 languages!)

She is an actress, producer, author, spokesperson, journalist, motivational speaker, teacher, and chairwoman of the Terry Lee Wells Foundation–focusing on women and children in Northern Nevada.

She has starred in over 150 tv shows, and 7 motion pictures, including WINTERHAWK (which she also narrated), THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (with Andrew Prine), SUPER SUCKER (with Jeff Daniels), THE NEW INTERNS, IT’S OUR TIME, and most recently, SILENT BUT DEADLY.

She has starred in 60+ theatrical productions from Noel Coward to Neil Simon, as well as the National Tours of CHAPTER TWO and THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG. Favorite productions include FATAL ATTRACTION with Ken Howard, THE ODD COUPLE with Marcia Wallace, THE ALLERGIST’S WIFE, STEEL MAGNOLIAS (Ouiser), and THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES.

Dawn has starred as Gingy in LOVE. LOSS AND WHAT I WORE (by Nora and Delia Ephron) in New York, Chicago, Delaware, Scottsdale, and San Jose.

She was the “castaway correspondent” for Channel 9 (Sydney, Australia) interviewing such actors and directors as Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Julia Roberts, Rene Russo, Mel Gibson, Ron Howard, and Richard Donner.
And recently just presented Sandra Bullock with a Coconut Cream Pie, as the two women both knew what it is like to be stranded, for the
premiere of GRAVITY

As a producer, she brought two Movies of the Week to CBS; SURVIVING GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, and RETURN TO THE BAT CAVE, with Adam West. She ran her Film Actors Boot Camp for 7 years in Idaho.

In September of 2014, Gilligan’s Island celebrates 50 years; Dawn is writing her memoirs and developing a documentary.
She is also developing a couple of television projects

She is delighted, to have brought to life Eleanor of Aquitaine to life in Kentucky.

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